Hello, I am Zachery snow, I'm a junior at BGSU and I'm studying theater tech design. I'm also a Ceramic artist, 3D digital artist, makeup artist, drag queen, and aspiring set designer. I am the current president of DADA, the Drag Arts and Performance Association here at BGSU. I have performed many times at different shows as a drag queen and I even got to host my own show last year. I've been a ceramic artist for 7 years and my work has been featured most recently in the 2020 Undergraduate art show at BGSU. Outside of theater, ceramics, and drag, one of my favorite hobbies is 3D printing, since I own my own printer, I'm able to print out things not only for my amusement but for practical projects as well, including making a scale model for scenic design and making prototypes for ceramics. Welcome to my website and I hope you have a great day.



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Email: Zachsnow1999@gmail.com


2055 napoleon road 01-H

Bowling Green OH